For teenagers in Toronto (and everywhere else), image is everything. That goes for their clothes, shoes, electronics, and even their glasses. Get the wrong style and they’re likely to- well, do what you did when your parents made a similar mistake!

At times, it can feel like buying designer frames for your teen is harder than cracking the Da Vinci code. They want more than functional eyewear- their goal is to make a statement. At UOptical, we’ve helped a lot of parents buy frames that earn them major brownie points with their teenagers, and are sharing some tips in this blog. (P.S. You’re welcome!)

Tip #1: Look at Frames that Suit Their Face Shape

Frames come in different shapes and sizes for a reason. Some of us have round or oval faces while others have a square jawline. The right glasses need to complement your features and balance them out. For example:

  • Angular or square faces look best with round or oval frames
  • Buy square or angular frames for those with round faces
  • Heart-shaped faces need frames with rectangle, oval or aviator shapes to balance them out

Selecting designer frames that make the best of your teen’s facial features will make them feel more confident. If they start showing off their new glasses on Instagram, you’ll know you picked a winner. 

Tip #2: Go for Cool Colours

Next to shape, the most important feature of the right designer frame is colour. Ask the optician to show you frames in colours that complement your teen’s skin tone. For example:

  • Pastel-hued frames look amazing on fair skin. Be careful not to go too light, however, as it might make them look washed out.
  • Those with warmer complexions look best in tortoiseshell, gold, beige, or olive green. 

At UOptical, we have frames in a wide array of colours, so your teenager is sure to find something they’ll brag about.

Tip #3: Select Frames that Suit Their Lifestyle

Your teenager may love those statement frames with the cute Swarovski crystals, but they’ll look out of place on the soccer field. Even if you say yes, sooner or later they’ll realize that the glasses don’t match their active lifestyle. (Guess whose fault that will be?)

Unless you intend to buy multiple pairs for different occasions, stick with frames that will look great no matter where they are or what they do. It may take a bit of back-and-forth, but you’ll eventually choose a winner.

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Shopping for teenagers can be tricky, especially when it involves something as unique and personal as designer frames. At UOptical, we make it a lot easier for you by stocking a variety of frames in the coolest styles, so even the pickiest teen will find something they’ll love. To book an eye exam and find a pair of glasses that they’ll want to show off all over Instagram or TikTok, call (416) 292-0075.