When you’re buying new glasses, everyone is going to tell you to choose frames that compliment your face shape. It’s sound advice, but you should also look for something that shows off your style. 

Are you cool but conservative? Bold and outgoing? Calm and tasteful? There’s a pair of glasses that’s perfect for you, guaranteed.

For inspiration, think about celebrities who wear glasses. Have you noticed how Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s sunglasses make her look even more mysterious and iconic? Or how Drew Carey’s horn-rimmed frames are at playful (and perfect) odds with his boundless humour? The right glasses can do the same for you- show the world who you really are.

Here are some tips for choosing designer eyeglasses that are truly ‘you.’

Bold and Creative?

Are you fearless when it comes to new experiences? Do you welcome creative challenges? Show your style by wearing frames that have a unique shape or colour. You’ve got choices that include clear-cut Hexagons, perfect circles, and sleek cat’s eyes, all of which are guaranteed to turn heads when you walk in the room.

Other ideas include:

  • Oversized 70’s-style squares
  • Statement glasses with embellishments like Swarovski crystals
  • Retro aviator-style frames

Subtle Yet Chic?

Transparent frames are another big trend for 2021. They’re subtle yet alluring, and are available in different shapes to suit your preferences and personality. Because they’re ‘barely there,’ you can wear them to family get-togethers as well as nights on the town, knowing that they’ll always compliment whatever you are wearing.

Other chic yet tasteful options include:

  • Delicate white frames
  • Smaller circles
  • Translucent frames in soft colours like rose gold

Outgoing and Cheerful?

Tortoiseshell frames are both classic and spunky. The bright caramel hues, combined with the speckled pattern, send the message that you are cheery, outgoing, and always ready for the next big adventure. 

However, if tortoiseshell is not for you, take a cue from your bold and creative friends (see above) and try the following:

  • Larger and thicker plastic frames
  • Eye-catching colours (think powder blue or bright red)
  • Vintage frames with playful patterns and other modern touches


When you’re climbing the corporate ladder and really want to look the part, look to the past for inspiration. Browline glasses were a classic power accessory in the 1950s and 60s, and they’re experiencing a renaissance today. The upper part of the frame is bold while the lower part is minimal, resulting in a balanced and classic appearance.

Other good choices when you’re going for a conservative style include:

  • Traditional colours like black, brown, gold, or silver
  • Rimless frames
  • Classic shapes such as rectangles and ovals

Come See What UOptical Has For Your Style!

At UOptical, we have frames available to compliment your style. As your unique personality evolves over time, we will always have designer options available. To book an eye exam and find a pair of glasses that reflects who you are at this moment in time, call (416) 292-0075.