When you and your child picked out his new glasses together, he seemed excited about wearing them. Then he started coming home with them in his backpack, coat pocket, and even his lunch box!

When you ask him about it, he says that wearing glasses isn’t as fun as he thought it would be. Sometimes the kids tease him. Sometimes they fall off in gym class. He doesn’t want to wear them anymore. 

Practically every parent whose child needs glasses runs into this dilemma. Fortunately, there is a solution, but it depends on why they’re so resistant to their new eyewear in the first place.

Reason #1: Their Friends are Teasing Them

Let’s face it- kids can be mean sometimes. While wearing glasses is a lot more trendy than it used to be, your child’s friends may initially react by teasing and embarrassing them. If he or she is especially self-conscious, they may try to avoid putting on their glasses at school or while video chatting with friends.

You can increase your child’s confidence by reminding them that glasses are actually cool! Tony Stark wears them, and what’s more epic than a billionaire who’s also a superhero? Over time, their friends and classmates will get used to your child’s new appearance, and things will go back to normal.

Reason #2: The Glasses Don’t Fit

Your child may love the frames they picked out, but if the fit isn’t right, they won’t want to wear them. Glasses that are too tight may hurt their head or ears while those that are too loose can fall off easily and become annoying. If necessary, get your optician to check the fit.

Reason #3: They Feel Uncomfortable

If your child has never worn glasses before or there’s been a big change to their prescription, they may need some time for their eyes to adjust. Your eye doctor can advise you on how to cope with any wearing challenges during this period. However, if your child reports headaches or says that their eyes hurt, have your optometrist double-check the prescription and make an adjustment if necessary. 

Your Child Will Soon Love Their Glasses!

Myopia (nearsightedness) is very common among children. While it can’t be reversed, there are ways to keep it from getting worse, one of which is the right prescription eyewear.

If you’re having a hard time getting your child to wear their glasses, try not to worry. Practically all children, even very young ones, will adjust to the initial physical and social challenges. By giving them the gift of improved vision and encouraging them during the transition, you can help them excel at school and set them up for future success.

At UOptical, we have a wide range of children’s eyeglass frames designed for comfort and style. We can also recommend anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings that protect your child’s vision and preserve their new eyewear for as long as possible. To book an eye exam, call (416) 292-0075.