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In addition to being an excellent fashion statement and a favourite accessory, designer sunglasses also help to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, while eyeglasses help to enhance your vision. If you are looking for a pair, U Optical has the best selection of optical eyeglasses to meet varied needs. From kids to seniors, we carry glasses from top brands for everyone! We have prescription eyewear designed with the latest trends in mind. Whether you want rimless, semi-rimmed, or full-rimmed designer eyeglasses, we offer all styles. You can visit our optical stores in Vaughan and Scarborough to choose from a wide range of designer glasses for men and women. We offer products by famous and iconic brands such as Guess, Versace, Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Armani, and more. We are authorized dealers of all the eyewear brands you can find on our website.

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Top-Quality Designer Polarized Sunglasses

If you love being outdoors, be sure to check out our range of designer polarized sunglasses. They are just what you need to protect your vision from the sun’s harmful rays and glare. Our comprehensive range of polarized lenses is designed to offer superior glare reduction. Whether you are an avid sports enthusiast looking for contemporary designer sunglasses or a retro fan in search of cool vintage styles, we can help you find a suitable pair. Our polarized shades offer a quality feel and premium fit and are perfect for a day at the beach, lounging by the poolside, a hiking trip, or a long drive. They can help reduce glare over water and flat surfaces, thus improving your vision. If you are sensitive to light, our polarized sunglasses are an ideal solution.

Eye-Catching Styles to Protect Your Eyes

Prescription Eyewear

We feature a wide range of cool, contemporary styles that are fashionable and help provide clear vision. Our products are designed to give you a unique appearance while ensuring sharp eyesight.

Non-Prescription Sunglasses

If you do not require vision correction, you can select a pair of non-prescription designer sunglasses from our ready-to-wear collection. They can protect your eyes from the sun while enhancing your look.

Designer Sunglasses for Kids

With all the time that children spend outdoors under the sun, sunglasses are crucial to protect their eyes. We can help you keep your kids safe with a stylish pair.

Performance and Sport Sunglasses

Our selection of specialty eyewear is designed to meet the needs of specific sports and physical activities. We’ll help you find a perfect pair of sunglasses that suit your game.

Why Choose Us for Designer Eyewear?

  • Great Styles
    We have the latest collection of eyeglasses with a remarkable finish. You can feel the difference when you touch them and wear them. Also, we feature the top designer sunglasses brands for you to choose from.
  • Prescription Eyeglasses
    If you need vision enhancement with your designer eyewear, we can help you. Our products allow you to have clear eyesight while being a perfect addition to your fashion accessories.
  • Professional Help
    We have qualified professionals in our optical stores in Scarborough and Vaughan to help you find the perfect pair of shades. We will ensure you get a product that matches your visual needs and suits your style and personality.
  • Best Prices
    Designer sunglasses do not always mean expensive, which is why we carry trendy eyeglasses at great prices. You can find a stylish pair of designer shades and prescription eyewear at a fair price with us.
  • Reliable Service
    We offer only the best for our customers when it comes to eyeglasses. We have something for everyone and can help you find a trendy pair of designer eyeglasses that can complement your appearance.

Designer Sunglasses from Vintage to Trendy

Add a touch of luxury to your outfit with our selection of designer sunglasses by iconic brands. Whether your taste is modern and stylish, more towards distinctively retro, or something that you can’t seem to figure out, we can help you. Our professionals can help you find premium eyewear within your budget that suits your unique style and fits your look perfectly.

We feature a variety of designer sunglasses in different colours, patterns, and tints to meet the varied needs of our customers. You can choose to keep it simple and classic or go all-out bold with products from our premium collection.

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Visit one of our optical stores in Scarborough or Vaughan, and we can help you find the right eyeglasses or sunglasses for you. If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to give us a call at 416-292-0075.

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