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At U Optical, we carry an extensive range of glasses frames for women, men, and children. Our comprehensive and dynamic selection features a wide variety of top designer optical frames that put a modern spin on classic design elements. These can appeal to everyone from fashion-loving students and young professionals to style-savvy influencers and Executives. We bring the best of eyewear trends and brands at great prices.

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From the classic rectangles and rounds to the trendy wayfarers and cat eyes, we offer a versatile range of glasses frames for men, women, and kids to meet the varied needs. From full-rim to rimless formals, we will help you find the perfect pair that makes you look chic, elegant, and uniquely ‘you.’

Our Designer Frames Collection

  • Minimalist Rimless Frames
    If you love the timeless, minimalist appeal, our range of rimless designer optical frames are just what you need to suit your style and personality! They are trendy and add to your sophisticated and elegant appearance. They are extremely lightweight and an ideal choice if you need to wear glasses throughout the day.
  • Bold Full-Rimmed Premium Glasses
    Our selection of full-rimmed designer frames is perfect for thick, prescription lenses. They are also comfortable for all-day use, extremely durable, and compliment any look that you want to pull off. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.
  • Customized Choices
    If you are looking for the perfect designer frames that work with your prescription, suit your personality and meet your needs, we offer customized solutions. We guarantee that you will find an ideal product from our range of glasses frames for women, men, and kids, within your budget.

Why Choose Us for Designer Optical Frames?

  • Highest Quality Lenses
    All U Optical glasses frames are performance tested and aesthetically inspired. We believe in providing only the best for our customers, which is why our selection includes high-grade designer frames.
  • Expert Help Available
    We have expert opticians and qualified staff in our customer service team. Whether you are looking for designer glasses frames for men, women, or children, we can help you find the perfect eyewear that meets your needs.
  • Wide Range of Frames Options
    Our selection includes trendy and functional premium frames by top eyewear brands, and we have just the right products to take your style to the next level. We have a variety of styles so you can find the perfect frame, depending on your budget, eye colour, face shape, and hair colour.
  • Lightweight and Durable Frames
    We understand that managing eyewear can be quite challenging at times, which is why we have lightweight designer frames that are easy to handle. Our range of glasses frames for women, men, and children are durable.
  • Affordable Designer Frames
    If you want to choose glasses frames for kids, it is wise to opt for less expensive ones, considering they are more likely to break or lose them. We have just the right products that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable.

Frequently Asked Question about Designer Frames

How can I get eyeglasses that look great on me?

The secret to buying eyewear that looks good on you is to choose the right frames. Determine your basic face shape and consider your eye colour, skin tone, and hair colour when buying designer frames.

How do I choose glasses for my child?

When buying glasses frames for kids, be sure to let them help pick out their favourites. Also, consider other factors such as material, cost, shape, and size of the glasses. It helps to know that children are more likely to wear glasses that they like and think look good.

How can I increase the lifespan of my eyeglasses?

If you’re using one pair of glasses, be sure to choose durable designer optical frames that are easy to handle and maintain. Also, be sure to buy them from a reputable store such as U Optical. This way, you can prolong the life of your eyewear.

Buy the Best Designer Optical Frame for You

U Optical is a prominent name in Canada when it comes to premium designer frames. When you visit us, we will ensure you get the perfect product from our extensive collection of frames for men and women. From beautiful frames for women to a stylish selection of men’s glasses and durable options for kids, we have it all!

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